Breathe into me this night
Sense my desire to see light
To know all that is possible
Between two feminine souls

Taking flight upon wings so pure
Embracing this sweet loving cure
Your eyes showing more than a hint
A longing finally finding fulfillment

Hearts racing when so near the other
Tender touches bring us closer together
Letting in that which burns like fire
Opening up to the infinite well of desire

Skin upon skin lips dripping with passion
Dancing upon new dimensions we create
Taking a chance on love’s pure sweet romance
Our hearts a kaleidoscope of sharing in balance

Sweet tenderness inside and out
Into the night such quietness and shouts
Yearning, learning, seeing true passion
Feeling the flooding from ultimate touch
Our exploration so truly sensual and lush

Maria Luisa
© COPYRIGHT 2009 Maria Luisa

The love shared between two women is like nothing else. A bond deeply rooted in trust, exploration and understanding, unique as the women sharing it.



Life drifting upon an infinite sea
Seeing into your soul knowing you
Sensing your embrace in every trace
Indulging our passion filled with grace

A kiss that touches lips wet moist inviting
Treasured emotions releasing so sweetly
Eyes that know a world beyond sight
Sensuous desire builds flowing tonight

We see so much more clearly now
After all of this time we envelope the light
Time to let go of all the past sorrow and pain
Cherished memories are all that now remain

You’re a woman of infinite depth
My heart knows our longing never left
Melting right now into your strong arms
Your tender touch soothes and charms

Gently we find our way upon a new plane
Creating the next chapter of our shared space
Time has only given us perspective as we grew
We are choosing to reconnect to rediscover anew
Tenderly my love I want you to know I desire all of you

Maria Luisa

Some women have the ability to heal in extraordinary ways. Sometimes we heal so much after a relationship, and in time, that we become closer friends than before we became lovers. To all the women I’ve loved, love and have reconnected with I cherish you in infinite ways…

Some doors close and others remain blessedly open ~ it’s having the courage to walk through.

Lovingly We Embrace One Another

Welcome to my blog site which celebrates this Femme’s interests, loves and latest writings. I’m looking forward to sharing my poetry and posts mainly involving how women connect in friendship, life and as lovers with other women. I will posting my latest poetry about women loving women, some articles as well as featuring some of my lesbian erotica at least once a month.

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A woman's kiss is heaven on earth...

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